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Frequently Asked Questions

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Terms & Conditions

1- Terms Acceptance
Welcome to Rattil social network for Holy Quran learning. Whether you have an existing account with Rattil or a visitor browsing the network, your use of Rattil services is subject to the following conditions. Rattil reserves the right to alter the service conditions from time to time with a notification to registered users through their stored email address. Visitors are able to revise the updated terms and conditions page on this page.
2- Service Description
Rattil: social network specialized in teaching the recitation of the Holy Quran. It is available for users worldwide to learn the correct pronunciation of the Holy Quran. This is accomplished through a large number of competent or certified Quran reciters for all authentic rewayah. Rattil offers a group of interactive services that rely fundamentally on the recording of recitations and sharing it with others. We aim to become international leaders in serving the Holy Quran through modern technology.
3- Registration Service
  • Any person from any age group and from anywhere in the world can register in Rattil to benefit from all our services.
  • After registration the user will have a unique name and a personal password connected to the user’s personal email address or Facebook account.
  • Registration is available in both languages: Arabic and English.
  • The user is responsible of safeguarding his/her password and account information and not disclosing it to other people unless needed by the owner of the account. The user should notify the network of this through the contact form. In addition the user should make sure to sign-out before leaving the Rattil.
4- Terms of registration and use
  • Your use of this network is an acceptance of these terms and conditions by you, so if you reject any of them please stop using the network.
  • Your usage of this network is for a lawful cause, recording your recitation of the Holy Quran, and it is not permissible for you to record anything other than the Holy Quran or a recording of other people which might infringe their rights or privacy.
  • You are not allowed to offense others with actions or obscene words or offend other religions or sanctities.
  • The network is dedicated to Holy Quran and preserves its particularity so you are not allowed to publish any forbidden or obscene images. And incase this happens, the user will be suspended immediately from using the network.
  • It is not allowed to copy a recitation or comment from this network without the permission of its owner unless it is for personal uncommercial use.
  • The network does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability of services. Nor does it guarantee absence of malware. It also does not provide any guarantees against leakage of personal data caused by hacking or vandalism.
  • Rattil stores all user data in high quality hardware and it is not allowed to sell this data to other entities commercial or otherwise unless approved by the user.
  • Rattil is entitled to stop any free service provided to the users at any time and without prior notice.

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